Hey, I’m Ethan.

I’m a writer, director, and graphic designer from Charleston, South Carolina. I work in all things creative, aiming to tell stories with strong yet simple visuals. I’ve worked on feature films, for magazines, designed websites and logos, and so much more. This website serves as a portfolio of sorts, so please, check it out!

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I believe that the audience needs to empathize with every character onscreen. Without an emotional connection, the story becomes irrelevant, and the audience loses interest. I’m currently in pre-production for a new project, a Vampire horror short.


Graphic Design

To tell a story with imagery- that’s my main mission. As a graphic designer, I am able to work with clients to create an image that connects with their audience. Whether it’s logos, websites, or print ads, everything must tell a story.



I love to write, and I try to do so everyday. When an idea strikes, nothing can pull me away from my computer. I’ve written two feature films, two TV Pilots, and more than five short films, with new stories in the works at all times.